Fancy racing up and down a multi-storey carpark? How about a technical coned off course on the flat? If you have mad climbing legs (or think you do) or are the craziest technical rider amongst your club or friends (or think you are) then we want you!

That’s right folks, we’re in the midst of planning a series of evening and weekend urban races that will be open to everyone, regardless of bikes or skill level. This race series will be all about the fun that can be had when hanging out with the cycling community, having a few drinks and some snacks before puking it all back up again as you ride faster than you ever thought you could in a head to head (or timed) short course.

Much fun. Much much fun. (especially for the spectators!).

Our events will take place at the end of the typical racing season in 2017 (so think late Aug/early Sept), in and around London and the South East of the UK. Riders who enter the entire series will be ranked, and the top three will receive prizes in the form of cash or goodies! There will also be spot prizes for other remarkable rides depending on the particular course that time.

The events are inspired by the Australian urban scene, as featured (and sponsored by) – go check out their videos on Youtube if you want a taste of what we have planned for later on in 2017. Really amazing site too, you should really go read that regularly if you don’t already!

If you want to register an early interest in the series then please sign up for our newsletter, Twisted Roads, where we’ll let you know how and be announcing the race series news as it happens, as well as an early entry opportunity in the coming months.

Hope we’ll see you all there in one form or another!

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