…it’s possibly the most holistically perfect complete bike I’ve ever ridden. And I’ve tested literally thousands in the past twenty years so that’s no small statement.

— Guy Kesteven | Legendary bike tester | Bokeh Force 650b.

High praise indeed.. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Dom Mason at an event last week for Avaunt Magazine, and many many plans were made for a Sussex ride out on the new Bokeh. We’re also working hard on securing one for a couple of days testing too, and although that’s not particularly long for a decent test report I’m hopeful of the wow-factor hitting me swiftly and forcefully right between the eyes, such is the buzz surrounding the Bokeh so far.

Head over to Mason Cycles, take a look at the Bokeh in all it’s subtle and dignified glory (you won’t find graphics for no reason on a bike like this, and we LIKE that a lot!). Arrange a test ride. Buy one while there is still hope of getting one soon – it won’t be long before there’s a long list I suspect.

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