Officially titled, ‘Energy Modular Direct Mount Adventure BB386EVO K-Force Light Chainset’, you’d be forgiven for falling asleep before finding out all about this new product from Full Speed Ahead

However, this would potentially be a mistake, because it represents a new direction for the mainstream component makers, by specifically targeting the more adventure-focused cyclists, and bike packers amongst us directly.

They’ve realised that in our ongoing quest to hack together appropriate drivetrains for the activities we love, they’re missing a trick, not to mention sales, and so this may indeed represent an end to those crazy experiments where we’re mounting 11-40 cassettes onto Mavic R-Sys wheels, and trying to shift gears using a Dura-Ace rear mech attached to the frame via a widget like the Wolf Components Road Link (works like a dream fwiw).

The new FSA chainset features several chainring combinations to choose from, but perhaps the most interesting is at the small end, with it’s 46/30T setup. Now, if you’re riding on challenging terrain that has more drag and friction, then you’ll be happy for the lower gears; the same goes for the longer distance bikepackers who’re trying to propel a heavily laden bike maybe. Either way, the combinations available will suit most scenarios you might come across.

It’s available in 53/39T, 52/36T, 50/34T, and 46/30T as above. The K-Force light variant will weigh a claimed 572g, and gets hollow carbon arms with lightweight CNC machined chainrings. The range extends downwards to the SL-K Adventure also get the hollow carbon arms, but 7075 CNC’d chainrings and weigh a claimed 617g.

All of the range, from K-Force to Vero use the BB386EVO spindle and will work with all of the more adopted BB types and standards by using the various FSA manufactured BB’s to match.

We don’t have a price, or availability yet. And, as we sadly weren’t able to get to the launch in Asia, we only have the photo above to show the product too… We’ll try to get hold of the UK distributor, Windwave, and see what we can do.. Watch this space though, we’ll bring you more as we can, and aim to get a ride or two on them as well!

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