It’s the season for the summer events to be announced! So, UK based readers, get this one in your diary, it’s just might be the event of the year…

Grinduro UK 2017

The Grinduro UK 2017 is taking place on the Isle of Arran in Scotland on Saturday July 15th! 60 miles of rolling terrain after a Gran Fondo style mass start at Lamlash, you’ll hit the first hill as you head out of town! The organisers are keen to emphasize though, that this will not be a sufferfest and the pace is intended to be conversational level, with the overall time being unimportant. The race will have 4 ‘Grinduro’ sections that will be timed and will be designed to reward the most consumate of rouleurs rather than one-trick ponies… Here’s the blurb about the concept behind the whole thing.

Grinduro UK 2017

Here’s the event introduction video:

And, here’s a video about the California event:

Most importantly than anything else, the organisers recognise that we all love schwag, and have an impressive range of branded kit will get you right into the mood and inspire you.. (Who am I kidding, it’s shiny kit, we don’t need a reason!)

With ferries, camping, riding/racing, live music, schwag, art, festival and awesome food, the event is set to be something fairly unique. We sincerely hope that all event organisers take a look at the Grinduro, and it sets the start of a template for a lot of other future events too. Community is everything, something that a lot of other sports have learned a long time ago, and Grinduro seem to be aiming at here too.

Grinduro UK 2017

Love it.

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