One of the eternal questions for the first time bikepacking initiate, is ‘where can I sleep?’. No one really wants to rely on a bivi bag or tent and sleeping bag for a long trip because, well, everyone needs certain comforts occasionally so as to stop the expedition becoming nothing but hardship and experience a little bit of enjoyment too.

Everyone these days has heard of Couch Surfing (you have, right?), and whilst another daunting prospect for the initiate, it does prodive a multitude of benefits that aren’t just limited to the place you end up sleeping (which quite often will be an actual bed, not just a couch). It’s very cost effective, you will end up with tons of insider, local knowledge and maybe even a tour guide too. Add this to making friends with people you’d probably never meet otherwise, and the whole experience becomes hugely fullfilling as well as a lot less smelly and achy all of the time.

But, have you heard of

The Warm Showers Community is a free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists.


I’m not sure there could be a more focused resource listing for the long distance cyclist in fact, and with 95414 members as well as 44566 hosts around the world, there’s a high chance you can find someone on your planned route who can provide you with some basic comforts that enhance your experience somewhat.

We’ll do a separate resource listing post in the coming weeks, that lists all of the resources we’ve used ourselves over the last 20 years.

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