We’ve all been Garmin users for as long as GPS computers on bikes have been a thing. Recently though, we’ve been a little disappointed with Garmin’s development approach, not to mention an increasingly poor customer service reputation.

Despite us absolutely loving the rear radar Varia light system, and it’s integration with the Garmin 520 (and now other models in the lineup), we can’t help but look at folks with the Wahoo Elemnt and feel a little jealous now. The large text on the display, the newly pushed out turn by turn navigation, pulling routes directly from Strava or Ride With GPS and so many more features that are missing from Garmin. 

It seems to us that Garmin have suffered from incumbent syndrome, and have had to keep developing on existing platforms to keep up with customer’s expectations, whereas folks like Wahoo can drop in and build something from the ground up using more modern systems and development processes. Maybe it’s not such a fair fight, but the end result is quite good for consumers of course.

We’re going to shift over to the Elemnt and see just how this can improve the adventure possibilities on a bike, rather than just the usual Strava hunting we find people using their Garmins for. 

We’ll report back, but if you have any specific questions about the devices and/or their operation then leave a comment below!

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