For the more, sensible, budget conscious, of us out there, who’re looking for a new adventure bike to add to their stable, you could do a lot worse than consider the Alpkit Camino Ti we think.

We have to confess to never having ridden one, but the reviews and experiences we’ve had shared with us all point to something quite amazing for the price.

The complete bikes both take advantage of the 1x options from SRAM which is very good indeed. With hydraulic brakes and rack mounts as well as the ability to take 650c or 700c wheels to cater for different tyre widths, this is a high value, high specification offering from the UK company. You can even have the frame custom built to your own measurements if you so chose, albeit with the additional delivery time that would ensue.

We’re pretty certain that this bike could handle almost anything you wanted to throw at it and we’d love to have one for an extended test period – which is why it’s even handier that Alpkit will lend you a test bike for £39 a day from their location in Nottingham or £59 for the weekend plus £30 delivery & collection.

We also understand that an Aluminium version will be available very soon, which should see a price reduction as well as a nicely stiff ride for those who need/prefer it.

Let us know in the comments if you have one of these bikes, or if you decide to take them up on their offer of a longer paid-for test ride? We’d love to share your direct experience comments about the bike.

We just LOVE those flared drop bars...
We just LOVE those flared drop bars…