One of the biggest admin issues when doing any kind of long distance on a bike (or any distance for that matter) is the question of what food to pack, and how much of it…

Like you probably, we fall back on gels and pre-packaged energy/protein bars as needed, but it’s not really optimal. Firstly, they’re expensive when you start buying the sort of amount you need, and it’s fair to say that too much of that stuff will play havoc with most people’s digestive processes.

So, what to do? Well, the guys down at Scratch Labs came up with a book of recipes especially for the hungry, health conscious cyclists among us, and we love it. Some of the recipes are simply delicious while others are fantastic go-to mid ride nibbles. A lot of the things they make (but not all sadly) are doable on a camp stove, given the right ingredients and a desire to do it. Easier said than done of course, sometimes at the end of a long day the very last thing you want to do is make up fancy food. So, the BEST thing about every single one of these recipes is that they’re all portable, packable foods that you can prepare before hand (or when you do have the energy, just make up a bunch) and eat on the go, or when you stop for food properly.

We especially love the rice cakes, and the baked eggs (well, the non-vegans among us). Take a look at the book on the link below, and smugly feed your face on your next ride, knowing it’s all your own work (and no garish plastic wrappers to pack away afterwards either!).

Grab the book, or “look Inside” here!

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