We launched just a little too late to fully cover the Trans Am Bike Race 2016, but we did want to offer a very warm and hearty congratulations to Lael Wilcox on her amazing victory.

If you don’t know the details yet, Lael came from behind to take the lead on the last day! The race leader up to that point, Steffen Streich, had taken a last minute sleep break and heartbreakingly headed the wrong way when he woke. He only realised his mistake when he passed Lael coming in the opposite direction some time later.

Steffen apparently offered to ride with Lael and share the win, but the eventual winner playfully declined, pointing out that it was a race and half the fun of the whole thing was the competition itself. It was a chance in a lifetime for Lael, and like a true competitive athlete she entered and finished the race in the spirit of friendly competition. 

Lael eventually won the race, pulling into Yorktown VA, in a total time of 18 days and 10 minutes.

Many other riders are still on the road, and you can track their progress below: